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Insurers are adapting well to a rapidly changing landscape and are now beginning to set their sights on growth.

Intense regulatory scrutiny and control is promoting transparency and financial strength across the industry. At the same time, developments in technology and data analytics are creating great opportunities for insurers to provide their customers with the right service and products at the right time.

A focus on the customer remains a priority and products must reflect their changing needs and demands. A new generation is entering the marketplace with different perspectives, while existing customers can take advantage of more flexible options.

It has never been more necessary to get close to the customer, to understand these changing needs and wants, to set new benchmarks in outstanding service and bring tangibility to an intangible product.

At the heart of this lies the customer experience. In fact, more precisely, the promise of a customer experience.

Through the Customer Experience Excellence Centre we identify the great organisations within and outside the industry.

The world’s greatest customer experience organisation is an insurance company, USAA. A business built on the core cultural value of empathy combined with unparalleled levels of customer listening, or “customer surround sound” as they describe it.

We bring learning, insight and the voice of the customer into leading UK insurance companies and ensure that they have continual sight of where they are in the customer’s frame of reference.

Knowledge is power and customer knowledge in the insurance industry is the life blood of success.

David Conway

Director - Customer Experience

David co-manages the company’s customer experience management practice and oversees KPMG Nunwood’s Customer Experience Excellence Centre, an on-going approach to systematically identifying global best practice.

David is a former PLC board director of N&P Building Society, Liverpool Victoria Group and The Co-operative Bank, where he was responsible for 3,500 staff charged with delivering world-class experiences to more than 6.5 million customers. He also led the design, set-up and launch of the group’s Smile brand.

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