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CX. Excellence

Harness the voice of the customer to lead your business to customer experience excellence, with decision support dashboards, best practices and smart alerts.

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Self-serve surveys

Enables insights professionals to rapidly design, script and send surveys to selected customers, then easily review data via power user analytics 

Decision support dashboards

Tailored dashboards enable pinpoint decision-making about the right actions to help improve performance at business unit level

CX Solutions Centre

Global CX benchmarks and examples of best practice, to guide teams to excellence and set the right targets for success

Power user analytics

Directly access all data within your insights ecosystem, from surveys to social, allowing power users to quickly create customer analyses and presentations from 'real-time' voice of the customer data.

CX Services
KPMG Customer Experience Cloud can be provided as a managed service or self-serve technology solution

To further support your strategic goals, we provide customer insights, experience design and CX strategy services.

Turn your CX Strategy into reality

KPMG's Customer Advisory has extensive capabilities to support customer-centric transformation through Customer Strategy, Experience Design, E2E Transformation and Digital Transformation.