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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2020


Non-Grocery Retail

As the world looks towards companies with a strong sense of purpose, there are few businesses more purpose driven than Lush. When COVID-19 was first identified as a UK threat, they offered customers and non-customers the ability to wash their hands using the instore facilities to prevent its spread.

Proving the safety of its people is more important than profit, they took the difficult decision to close down their online presence to protect their staff. Only once suitable protections and procedures were in place, they reopened online.

It is a brand where ethics drives every decision. In late 2019 they withdrew from a number of social media accounts and said in a statement that it was getting harder and harder to talk to customers directly and that they were “fighting with algorithms” that increasingly push people to pay for brand promotion” - not something they wanted their customers to experience.

Lush is a brand that is reinventing retail. Its new Liverpool store is based on in-store theatre that inspires, entertains and educates consumers in creative ways through the products or services on offer. The new store offers customers a reason to visit – an experience they can’t get online - from a permanent florist to a hair salon, a tea and coffee kiosk and a spa area where luxury services such as massages and facials are on offer. It is this kind of innovation and creative thinking that is required to tempt shoppers away from their sofas and back onto the high street.

"LUSH are a phenomenal company and I will always support them. I recently made an online purchase with them and my order arrived almost 2 weeks later, I expect due to COVID-19. It is very unusual for shipping to take that long with LUSH, but of course I was understanding. The products that arrived, handmade, were of exceptional quality, as they always are, made using the finest, ethically sourced materials. I admire everything that LUSH do. Their customer service team are always very personable, kind and almost feel like reliable friends.”

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Here at Lush we have never liked to call ourselves an Ethical Company. We find the term rather a difficult concept, because it seems to us that it is used to describe companies who try not to damage people or planet with their trade practices – when surely this should not be regarded as ‘ethical’ but as normal business-as-usual.











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