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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2020

Côte Brasserie

Restaurants and fast food

Perhaps unexpectedly, a national restaurant chain makes it into the 2020 top 10, rising some 139 places.

Côte Brasserie believes that ensuring a great customer experience is vital and that begins the moment the customer walks into one of the Côte restaurants. In the highly competitive dining industry first impressions really count. The first impression needs to validate the choice the customer has made in dining there – psychologically, a poor first impression amplifies the diner’s insecurity in the choice they have made, and the restaurant is on the back foot thereafter.

Opulent restaurant designs, a warm welcome, client recognition and great food all combine to create a great experience. Table management technology enables servers to manage bookings, orders and cash out, leaving the servers free to focus on doing great things for customers.

"I eat here regularly and enjoyed our last meal with them just before the COVID-19 lockdown. Very impressed with the new delivery service from Côte Brasserie following the lockdown. This has enabled my vulnerable elderly parents to enjoy a special meal at a time when they have been locked away from the outside world."

UK CEE 2020 respondent

Unlike many restaurants that closed whilst the country remained on lockdown, Côte Brasserie pivoted quickly into home delivery, enabling online ordering of fresh produce boxes, alongside some of its most popular dishes designed to be finished in home. Ensuring the highest safety standards, customers are reassured that that their delivery meal has been created in the most hygienic way possible, whilst providing a sense of dining out whilst staying in.



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Côte Restaurants are inspired by the brasseries and bistros of Paris, with relaxed all-day dining and serving authentic French classics made from great quality.











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