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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2020

American Express

Financial Services

American Express has undertaken a series of measures to help employees, cardholders and merchants get through the COVID-19 pandemic, both from a financial and public health standpoint.

In common with other banks, American Express moved quickly to ensure that its customers were supported during the crisis. Providing payment holidays and waiving interest and late fees for customers in difficulties ensures that their customers can weather out the financial storm. Higher contactless thresholds meant touch free payment and extended reward periods allow customers longer to collect reward points.

The card company has moved just about all customer service and travel operations to virtual, home-based operations and committed to no COVID-19 related layoffs in 2020. The company will continue to pay salaries of employees diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as workers forced to quarantine or take care of family members. The firm is also fully covering out-of-pocket medical and pharmacy costs related to the virus for its staff.

"I rang them up to see if they could help me during the coronavirus lockdown and they offered to lower my minimum monthly payment for 3 months which eased my money worries.”

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