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The Connected Experience Imperative - 2017 UK Customer Experience Excellence analysis


Never before have brands been under such pressure to perform. Constant improvement is now routinely expected. We are moving towards what some describe as the expectation economy.

Despite multi-billions of investment in 2017, only a small number of UK firms succeed in making customer experience a source of value. The good news is that top-ranking firms are achieving sustained improvements in CX that flow to their bottom line. 

Based on extensive research and packed with practical insights, our 2017 report is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how to use CX as a mechanism for superior profitability. 

The report reveals

  • 1 How CX leaders are reappraising organisational structures to get closer to the customer
  • 2 What four key principles they follow to build a connected customer experience
  • 3 How they are using events in customers’ lives to drive innovation and set new standards in customer experience
  • 4 How the connections enabled by CX platforms work as a springboard for success

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