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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2016


Grocery Retail

Waitrose has taken 12th place in this year’s CEE with a score of 7.87. Like other retail brands in the UK top 20, the supermarket has achieved its strongest pillar scores in the areas of Personalisation, Time and Effort and Integrity, and it also performs well in the pillar of Resolution.

Waitrose has launched a number of initiatives in recent months that may have contributed to these scores. One of these is its ‘Pick Your Own Offers’ scheme, which enables shoppers to select 10 items that they would like to receive a 20 per cent discount on. Customers are able to change their picks up to 10 times a month, and they can make use of it whilst in-store, or when shopping online.

Such a programme is closest, in essence, to the pillar of Personalisation, as this area of CX management indicates a brand’s ability to tailor the customer experience to the specific needs of the individual.

Another initiative that Waitrose has introduced is its Quick Check mobile app. This is similar to the Quick Check service that the brand introduced 10 years ago, whereby shoppers could take their own personal scanner around the supermarket with them. Apparently, the mobile app operates in a similar fashion. Waitrose shoppers scan products using their phones as they add them to their shopping baskets. The app then keeps a running total of all the items that have been selected – enabling customers to keep an eye on spend – and it then produces a new barcode which the individual can feed into the self-checkout at the point of payment. This is an innovation that may have impacted Waitrose’s Time and Effort score of 8.34.

Another customer alluded to the brand’s core values, which may have influenced its Integrity score of 7.96. “I have just found the policy to have ‘organic’ at the heart of what they sell to be good. Plus they seem as though they treat their suppliers fairly. The quality’s better, but you do pay more for this type of service.”

Company Profile

Fresh, quality food is at the heart of what we do. As Waitrose partners, we want to know where our food comes from, how it’s been produced and what it contains.

It all starts with long-term relationships with our farmers and suppliers, and continues with our beliefs in championing British produce, supporting responsible sourcing, treating people fairly and treading lightly on the environment. This is the Waitrose Way.











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