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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2016

Richer Sounds

Non-Grocery Retail

Retailer Richer Sounds has been successful in retaining its top 10 ranking for a second successive year, landing in sixth place with an impressive CEE score of 7.96. In a sense, the brand’s approach to retail is very similar to that of Lush, in terms of its employees’ attitude towards their customers. Richer Sounds recognises that shoppers have very specific needs, and that not every DVD player or stereo system is going to be appropriate for their personalities or lifestyles. Because of this, employees take the time to engage with customers, working out exactly what kind of product they are searching for, and guide them towards the best possible match. Richer Sounds tends to favour this approach over assertive up-selling , and this attitude is reflected in the company’s Personalisation score of 8.22.

As Julian Richer, the company’s founder, explains: “We recruit colleagues who love music and movies as well as for their natural friendliness. We don’t employ people for their high-pressure sales skills; we choose team members who are friendly, enthusiastic and genuinely passionate about home entertainment. That means that our sales teams have something in common with our customers straight away, which makes it easier to build a rapport.”

This approach also helps the brand to make the retail experience a memorable one for the shopper. “My husband and I went to Richer Sounds in the Kent area to buy a new TV…” one customer noted. “The staff were extremely helpful and we spent a lot of time in the shop. We were also able to experience the sound quality of the TVs in the shop and they went out of their way to help us. We did buy a new TV from them, and I was given 2 complimentary mugs.”

Similarly, Richer Sounds takes good care of the members of its VIP Club. The VIP Club is distinctly different from most ‘loyalty’ schemes, in that “VIP” often means exactly that. Historically, the brand has been known to open its doors specifically for VIP members, to enable them to shop outside of normal hours.

The brand also achieves a very respectable score in the pillar of Integrity, suggesting that its personalised customer experience is cemented in core values and a genuine desire ‘to do the right thing.’ The retailer’s attitude towards its customers and employees was highlighted in July, when a devastating fire destroyed one of its outlets in Exeter. Richer Sounds thanked the emergency services and the members of the public who came to assist during the blaze, noting that the loss of stock was inconvenient, but that those things were replaceable, whereas people were not. The brand also attested that it was putting contingency plans in place to ensure that its customers experienced minimal disruption, and that its Exeter staff would suffer no loss of wages whilst the store was unable to trade.

As such, Richer Sounds stands as an excellent example of what can be achieved in the Customer Experience Excellence rankings. In 2014, it ranked in 20th place, and its upward movement of 14 positions is testament to the hard work it has since engaged in.

Company Profile

Richer Sounds is an unlisted PLC 100% owned by Julian Richer, Founder and MD. We are a retailer of hi-fi, home cinema and TV equipment and are committed to giving you the best value for money and customer service that we possibly can.











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