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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2016


Non-Grocery Retail

The television and online retailer QVC ranks in 19th position in 2016. An acronym for Quality, Value and Convenience, the brand appropriately achieves its highest pillar score in that of Time and Effort, reaching an excellent 8.30. It began life on the airwaves in 1986, and now broadcasts across the world, also offering its retail services through a finely-tuned and user-friendly website.

In essence, QVC is a very thorough brand. It grants its shoppers, via its TV segments and website, an “unrivalled” access to industry experts, such as skincare therapists and accessory designers. It also ensures that its presenters and experts are fully-trained on the products it sells, endeavouring to make clear sense of the technical specifications of new laptops, or offering advice on which beauty products are best for certain skin tones. There is a strong sense of guiding the customer towards the right item rather than ensuring a quick sell, and this is something that is evident in other retailers in the UK top 20, such as Lush and Richer Sounds.

“They have an excellent customer service team who you can always get through to without any fuss or bother…” one customer observed. “They do what they say with the minimum of fuss and ensure that you as the customer are happy.”

Indeed, QVC’s penchant for simplicity seems to permeate many areas of its business, helping the brand to achieve an impressive pillar score in Time and Effort. QVC offers a range of platforms to help make the shopping process more convenient, allowing customers to make purchases via iPhones, iPads, Android apps, and over the telephone. As QVC puts it, it is like having a personal department store in the living room, and shoppers have the additional option of being able to stay in touch with presenters via Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, these shoppers are supported by a 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week customer care team, guaranteeing that they will be able to speak to a UK call centre at a time that is convenient to them.

For these reasons, there is a certain degree of ‘intimacy’ between the shopper and QVC, something that is quite impressive given the scale of its business. It has retained its top 20 ranking for a number of years, and on the strength of its current progress, there is little reason why this trend should not continue as it heads into 2017.

Company Profile

We’ve been doing what we do best for over 20 years. We broadcast live 16 hours a day, 365 days a year from our state-of-the-art studios in Chiswick, London; provide award-winning customer service from our Customer Care centre in Knowsley, Liverpool, plus we have two outlet stores in Warrington and Shrewsbury. We deliver 14.5 million items a year. We create an incredible shopping experience for one million (and counting) happy customers in the UK alone.











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