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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2016

Premier Inn

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“Premier Inn are as good as their word. When asked if all was OK we replied, yes, but that we had been woken when the fire alarm went off around midnight. Without asking, we were advised that one night’s stay would be deducted from our bill.”

Premier Inn is a hotel chain. As such, the guarantee of a good night’s sleep is of paramount importance to its guests, as, arguably, this is one of the key services that the organisation is expected to fulfil. And a “good night’s sleep” can be hard to define. What constitutes a comfortable bed? What constitutes a comfortable room temperature? It would be safe to assume that there are certain restrictions to Premier Inn’s Good Night Guarantee, (where a guest will be offered a refund if they don’t sleep well), but it appears to hold up to stress-testing.

“I have called on their good night’s sleep guarantee and received a full refund without quibble,” one guest noted. “This gives me full confidence in using them in future and I will definitely do so, since I have a good deal of trust in them.”

This trust in the company is emphasised in its strong performance in the pillar of Integrity, where Premier Inn achieves its third-highest pillar score of 7.77.

In addition, Premier Inn has embraced the world of technology through its bespoke smartphone app, which is designed to save time and effort for its visitors. This is particularly useful for those guests who may find themselves arriving at antisocial hours, meaning that they can avoid the stress of having to go through a potentially-lengthy check-in process when they arrive at their destination. As such, the application allows customers to check-in remotely, and they can also review and amend their reservations and pay for certain add-ons, such as the Premier Inn breakfast. In addition, the app’s Quick Search function enables users to find the hotel that is closest to their present location, and they can also select from a range of different pricing options in order to choose the deal that is best suited to them.

All things considered, Premier Inn’s CEE score of 7.80 is a positive reflection of the work that it does, making its place at number 20 in the UK rankings well-deserved.

Company Profile

We’re the only hotel chain in the UK to offer a ‘Good Night Guarantee’. We’re so confident that our quality, comfortable rooms and friendly service will give our guests a great night’s sleep every time, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if they’re not happy with their stay.











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