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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2016


Grocery Retail

“Ocado offers a first class service,” said one customer, speaking of the online retailer that ranks in joint 13th place in 2016. “They provide high quality goods and hardly ever have missing items. Their substitutions are almost always satisfactory. Their deliveries are always on time in my experience, and the drivers [are] friendly and helpful. Any problems are handled quickly and courteously by customer service.”

Ocado has certainly enjoyed a high ranking for a number of years, propelled by its desire to make life easier for the online shopper. It supplies groceries, competing in a market that has become increasingly saturated in recent years, as other retailers have started to challenge one another in just how convenient they can make the overall customer experience. Ocado is no exception, and it has been arguably successful in this endeavour, achieving its highest pillar score in that of Time and Effort, where it reaches an excellent 8.22.

This success has been made possible, in part, by Ocado’s attitude towards the shopper. The brand has stated in the past that its continued focus is on customer ease, and it has rolled out features such as offline shopping and PayPal login to help reduce moments of potential friction.

However, crucially, a swift customer experience doesn’t always equal a ‘perfect’ one. As with any organisation, there is the inevitable danger that mistakes will be made, from time to time. Goods will become damaged, pricing errors will occur, and customers may find that they have been presented with the wrong items. Ocado is not a superhuman organisation, and it is therefore not immune to these issues. It is, however, influential in how it handles them, and Ocado certainly has the ability to transform an unfortunate event into a strong moment of CX management.

As one shopper explained: “I sent a photo of a garlic bulb which was completely rotten inside. Not only did I get a full refund but the emailed reply was personalised, which I really appreciated.” Another customer added: “The driver forgot some of our order, and came back to drop it off even though he’d already finished his shift.”

Indeed, these occurrences are a partial manifestation of Ocado’s core customer propositions – service, range and price. Passivity in any of these areas would undoubtedly impact the customer experience as a whole, and it is clear, therefore, that Ocado has been successful in maintaining these self-imposed standards.

Company Profile

Ocado was established in the UK over 15 years ago and listed on the London Stock Exchange in July 2010. We are the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer with over 500,000 active customers shopping with us today. Our objective is to provide our customers with the best shopping experience in terms of service, range and price, which builds a strong business and delivers long term value for our shareholders.











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