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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2016

M&S Food

Grocery Retail

Having ranked in 18th place in 2015, the grocery retailer M&S Food has made its way back into the UK top 10. An off-shoot of the main M&S brand, M&S Food is synonymous with food that is of a higher-than-average quality, with relative retail prices. The CEE analysis shows that shoppers generally favour an optimised customer experience over factors such as cost and special offers, and M&S Food is a company that is certainly on top of its customer experience.

One of the brand’s strengths is in the pillar of Time and Effort, where M&S Food achieves its highest pillar score of 8.39. Shoppers typically discover that they are able to locate products relatively quickly, and that they are visibly labelled. Moreover, the brand is effective at keeping queue times down to a minimum, ensuring that there are sufficient staff members to deal with a sudden in-flux of customers, something which is important in busy locations such as train stations, where a number of M&S Food outlets are situated. As one shopper commented: “The M&S Food I use always has plenty of staff, so even when it gets busy, they jump on the till to clear the queue quickly. [The] shop is usually clear and easy to get round. [It’s] well-labelled and set out.”

These actions are a reflection of M&S Food’s greater commitment to customer experience management. Indeed, the brand has partnered with another company for the specific purpose of improving its customer experience, noting that its customer expectations are constantly evolving, and that it wishes to remain in-step by offering a great service, which includes giving advice, recommendations, and imparting specialist knowledge on wines and flowers.

M&S Food also achieves a strong score in the pillar of Integrity. The company is particularly attentive to its responsibilities regarding waste, and has given additional training to its employees in order to ensure that fewer products are thrown away. A recent statistic indicated that the retailer had been able to save 450,000 flowers and plants, reducing waste by 10 per cent. For M&S Food, this also meant that it was able to generate an additional revenue of £1.8 million, made possible by the quick actions of its employees, who were able to discount and sell the expiring products before they had to be disposed of.

This diligence and attention to detail has helped to make M&S Food the highest-scoring grocery retailer in the 2016 CEE, and if it maintains these high standards, it may well see more customer experience success in the years to come.

Company Profile

M&S is one of the UK’s leading retailers, with 1,382 stores worldwide. We are committed to delivering sustainable value for our stakeholders and making every moment special through the high quality, own brand food, clothing and home products we offer in our stores and online, both in the UK and internationally.











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