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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2016

John Lewis

UK 2017 Non-Grocery Retail

The retailer John Lewis is in second place in this year’s CEE analysis, displaying strong scores across The Six Pillars. In many ways, the retailer is similar to this year’s leader, first direct, in that it equips its staff with a significant amount of product knowledge, and permits them to make their own decisions when they are required to make a ‘judgment call’ in order to meet a shopper’s needs. This accounts for John Lewis’ healthy performance of 8.48 in the pillar of Personalisation, as this pillar indicates how effective a company is at tailoring the customer experience to the specific needs of the individual.

This sense of evolution is one that can be seen in the organisation’s attitude to its wider customer experience management. In the same way that first direct remains forward-thinking and innovative in terms of the technology it develops, John Lewis shows an awareness of its shoppers’ changing habits. For this reason, the company willingly takes feedback from its employees who are engaging with customers on the shop floor, paying attention to the kind of items they are buying, and trying to discern if there are any unmet retail needs.

In addition, John Lewis also registers a strong omnichannel performance. Its website is optimised for online sales, and shoppers usually have a simple and stress-free shopping experience. Customers have the freedom to choose the delivery options that are best suited to their needs, and they can make use of podcasts and advice guides as they browse the online store. In the event of difficulties, shoppers are given the names and contact numbers of the specific people they need to speak to, and this helps to reassure customers that they will be able to access human help should they require it.

This ‘human’ element has also manifested in other instances. An outlet in Buckinghamshire came to public attention one winter when, during a snow storm, stranded customers were invited inside for a mass sleepover, with employees providing food and beds, and toys for the children to play with. Events such as these indicate that John Lewis is a flexible retailer, one that demonstrates Integrity and Empathy, and is able to adapt depending on the circumstances.

As one customer stated: “I wanted to buy a DVD recorder which John Lewis had in stock but at a considerably dearer price than I had seen on another store’s online site. As John Lewis has great customer service I preferred to purchase from them. I contacted them to make them aware of the price difference and they price-matched their competitors so I was able to purchase from them. This made me feel they were interested in their customers and not just their profits.”

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