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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2016

Non-Grocery Retail

Sharing 16th place is the online retailer, which retains its top 20 ranking with a CEE score of 7.84.

It’s a company that adheres passionately to The Six Pillars, and it is also built on a foundation of internal ‘core values. Two of these are the values of boldness and caring, with’s workers being guided towards thinking in unconstrained ways and going beyond conventional limits, whilst possessing a heartfelt passion for ‘doing good’ to those with whom they come into contact.

The company states that it cannot pay people to care, emphasising that its employees need to be genuine in their intent. This is highlighted in the AO Smile Foundation, which was setup to allow the brand to make a difference to the communities it operates in. Reminiscent of television programmes such as DIY SOS, dispatches willing employees to help out with various charitable endeavours, such as refurbishing a house for a family who had recently lost their mother, and whose father was battling with cerebral palsy.

These values, it seems, are in’s lifeblood; the man who originally started the company recently revealed that he was leaving his £500 million fortune to charity, in the hope that his children would retain the feeling that their own careers were meaningful and important.

That being said, the retailer has kept its eyes on its day-to-day practices as well. In fact, some of its customer experience stories are quite extraordinary. One individual had his taxi fare paid for him by the brand, so that he could make it home in time to take delivery of a washing machine. Moreover, a family of four were given a free pizza delivery as ‘compensation’ for the late arrival of their new cooker, which had been delayed owing to heavy traffic. These attitudes are also reflected at a more ‘everyday’ level, with customers commenting on the strong communication given by the company in the lead-up to a delivery, with drivers phoning up to let them know when their arrival is imminent.

“[I have] no reason to distrust this company,” said one customer, “especially when delivery drivers showed good knowledge of health and safety and took all precautions!”

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