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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2016


Non-Grocery Retail

Amazon is the highest-scoring online retailer in the 2016 CEE, ranking in fifth place. Having started life as a bookstore in 1995, the brand now sells a wide variety of products, from DVDs to clothes to household items.

According to customer feedback, Amazon is an organisation that is highly competent at resolving customer issues when they arise. One shopper explained: “I needed to return a camera as it didn’t live up to my high expectations. Their returns service is simple – no hassle at all. I left an SD card in the camera, contacted them and asked them if it would be possible for them to return it to me, which they did. I was very pleased with their efforts.”

Another shopper added: “A delivery failed to arrived as advised. Contacted Amazon via ‘webchat’ and they did a check and arranged for it to be re-delivered. The most impressive part was that they phoned later to confirm that the parcel had been received as agreed.”

The company is also flexible in terms of the delivery options it offers, helping it to achieve a score of 8.45 in the pillar of Personalisation. Customers are able to choose from a selection of services, including Free Super Saver Delivery, First Class Delivery, One-Day Delivery, Two-Day Delivery, and even Evening Delivery. These choices are useful for those customers who lead busy lives, and may only find themselves at home during obscure hours. Shoppers also have the ability to leave specific delivery instructions, directing the postman or courier to an appropriate place to leave their parcel, should they not be able to answer the door.

Amazon is also an experimental company, and it is currently looking into the possibility of delivering packages using drones as part of its Amazon Prime Air service. This is still at the trial stage, but it could impact the brand’s performance in the pillar of Time and Effort if successfully deployed nationwide.

Elsewhere, the breadth of Amazon’s product choices are also evolving. In June 2016, the retailer launched a grocery service for its Prime customers living in central and East London, enabling shoppers to order a weekly shop and have it delivered on the same day. Amazon has stated that it plans to offer the same service to other parts of the UK in the future.

Company Profile

Founded by Jeff Bezos, the website started in 1995 as a place to buy books because of the unique customer experience the Web could offer book lovers. Bezos believed that only the Internet could offer customers the convenience of browsing a selection of millions of book titles in a single sitting. During the first 30 days of business, fulfilled orders for customers in 50 states and 45 countries – all shipped from his Seattle-area garage.











Time and Effort