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Customer Experience Excellence Centre

For eight years the Excellence Centre has been comprehensively researching the UK and US markets through the Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) programme.

In that time, over 115,000 consumers have been interviewed, circa 1,500 brands have been measured across 13 different sectors – providing over 1.7 million customer evaluations to support our expertise in customer experience best practice.

The following previous CEE Analyses are also available to download: 

The Six Pillars™


The Customer Experience Excellence Centre explores global best practice: it is a constantly updated source of practical knowledge that we apply every day to our clients’ challenges.


The Six Pillars™ are how we integrate best practice into daily life. They show precisely what our clients need to do to deliver brilliant experiences and create a direct analytical link between our work and relevant, detailed best practice from around the world.


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Understanding The Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence.

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