Customer Experience Excellence Centre: 2016 UK Analysis

Making Memories – 2016 UK Customer Experience Excellence analysis

The continuing quest to outperform competitors has led to an improvement in the UK PLC score overall for the first time in three years, as customer experience strategies begin to have an effect. However, there is still more to be done, as the UK remains behind the world leader in customer experience – the USA.

The creation of positive memorable experiences is becoming the new battleground in improving customer value. This report identifies the exemplar brands and explores the importance of creating memorable experiences to achieve brand loyalty and advocacy. This year’s UK customer experience leaders are all masters at creating memorable moments for their customers.

KPMG Nunwood’s Customer Experience Excellence Centre recently studied the UK market for the 7th successive year, drawing on over 10,000 consumer interviews to evaluate 287 brands.

This report reveals the leading customer brands in the UK in 2016. These brands recognise the role of experience design and purposefully design the customer journey to create memories, delivered by their own army of memory makers – empowered staff who are dedicated to ensuring every customer interaction is a memorable one.

It also reflects on:

  • The psychology of memory and how this influences a customer experience
  • The organisations that have transformed their customer experience, highlighting what they have done to succeed
  • How to build your own army of memory makers

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