Customer Experience Excellence Centre: 2015 USA Analysis

Customer Experience Excellence Centre: 2015 USA Analysis

Learning from the USA’s customer experience leaders.
The 2015 US CEE study examines the stand-out examples of US experience, digital innovation, cultural themes and effective customer experience practice.

Based on the views of 7,500 customers, who provided opinions ​across more than 200 brands, the US CEE 2015 ​study offers UK executive and customer experience leaders practical suggestions for their own businesses, through an evaluation of:


  • US customer experience in 2015
  • The American way – defining US customer themes
  • Decoding the DNA of successful US themes
  • Lessons from America – implementing excellence for UK brands

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The USA 2015 Analysis

2015 USA Customer Experience Excellence Analysis

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Our detailed assessment on why they are leaders in customer experience

Their Six pillar benchmark scores which are the key drivers of commercial value

Customer verbatim from our study, related to their six pillar performance

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