We help businesses create consistently brilliant customer experiences.

Nunwood is the world’s first ‘full-service’ customer experience management consultancy. This means we join customer experience strategy to experience measurement, customer journey mapping, feedback technology and frontline training. By connecting the dots, our clients delight their customers more frequently and achieve their commercial goals more easily.

To create brilliant results, we work hard to understand what ‘brilliant’ means. The Nunwood Customer Experience Excellence Centre is the world’s largest customer experience research centre. Its work ensures every Nunwood client is connected to the cutting-edge of international experience design and best practice.


Recognised at the 2014 MRS Awards for our ‘Voice of the Customer’ programme in conjunction with British Airways.side_by_side

Customer experience management services

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Create your customer experience vision and roadmap

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Evaluate progress, diagnose action and design improvements

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Connect everyone to customer experience feedback and planning

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The Nunwood Customer Experience Excellence Centre

To create brilliant experiences, we work hard to understand what ‘brilliant’ means to customers around the world.
The Customer Experience Excellence Centre is dedicated to this goal.

Latest market evaluations...

Via ongoing research and analysis, The Customer Experience Excellence Centre highlights the best performing and fastest moving brands in each market.

Enter the Excellence Centre for insights from the UK, US and Australia.

The Excellence Centre

6PS: The Six Pillar System®

Underpinning everything we do is The Six Pillar System® (6PS®). For every customer experience management challenge we face, we use 6PS® to define the result for our clients and show them how to apply global best practice.
Organisations that master The Six Pillars achieve top-tier CX rankings and outstanding business performance.

The Six Pillars:

6PS® shows what brilliant experiences look like and how to make brilliance a daily reality.

The Six Pillars is a practical framework for customer experience measurement, bringing global best practice into customer experience management.

6PS® draws on the world’s largest ongoing customer experience study:

  • Over one million consumer evaluations
  • Analysis of over 800 brands
  • Learnings from Australia, the USA and the UK
  • From 2011 to 2015

Explore The Six Pillars:


The Six Pillars - Personalisation icon

Personalisation involves demonstrating that you understand the customer’s specific needs and circumstances and will adapt the experience accordingly. Use of name, individualised attention, knowledge of preferences and past interactions all add up to an experience that feels personal. It makes the customer feel important and valued and begins to build an emotional connection.


The Six Pillars - Expectations icon

Customers have needs and they also have expectations about how these needs will be delivered. Customer satisfaction is the difference between expectation and actual delivery. Understanding, delivering and, if possible,- exceeding expectations is a key skill of great organisations. Some organisations are able to make statements of clear intent that set expectations (e.g. “never knowingly undersold”), others set the expectation accurately (“delivery in 48 hours”). And then delight the customer when they exceed it.

Time & Effort


Customers are time poor and increasingly are looking for instant gratification. Removing unnecessary obstacles, impediments and bureaucracy to enable the customer to achieve their objectives quickly and easily have been shown to increase loyalty. Many companies are discovering how to use time as a source of competitive advantage.



Trust is an outcome of consistent organisational behaviour that demonstrates trustworthiness. There are trust building events where organisations have the need to publicly react to a difficult situation, and trust building moments where individual actions by staff add up to create trust in the organisation as a whole. Behavioural economics teaches us that we trust people we like. The ability to build rapport is therefore critical in creating trust.


six-pillars-resolutionCustomer recovery is highly important. Even with the best processes and procedures things will go wrong. Great companies have a process that not only puts the customer back in the position they should have been in as rapidly as possible, but they also make the customer feel really good about the experience. A sincere apology and acting with urgency are two crucial elements of successful resolution.



Empathy is the art of letting the customer know that you can genuinely understand what it is like to be in their shoes. Empathy creating behaviours are key to establishing a strong relationship and involve the telling of personal stories that reflect back to the customer how you felt when in similar circumstances. Then going the extra step because you understand how they feel.

Commercial Results:

Organisations that master The Six Pillars achieve top-tier customer experience rankings, outstanding business performance and..
  • Better advocacy
  • Reduced churn
  • Increased market capitalisation
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